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Monday, February 1, 2010

John Terry is the Scum of the Earth

John Terry is once again making headlines for the most unimpressive of reasons. The Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper, reports that John Terry had an affair with the wife of his ex-Chelsea and England teammate, Wayne Bridge, while Bridge and his wife were undergoing a divorce about a year ago.

Of course, Terry, in his irrational, celebrity-like state of mind, thought he was privileged enough to exempt himself from basic, natural laws of mankind: When he discovered that the Telegraph was about to publish a story on the affair, he paid them off to keep the news secret. (Only three days ago was the ban on the story lifted and the news consequently released.)

This sure isn't the first of Terry's low moments. In 2001, a day after the September 11 terrorist attacks, he drunkenly mocked American tourists and an English pub (along with Frank Lampard, who, may I also add, is scum). Terry has also allegedly had affairs with over nine different women, including a 17-year old, since his marriage in 2007.

Bottom line: Terry needs a boot in his mouth, and England need a new captain.

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