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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Season Previews / Guest Articles

Hey guys.  

I know the site has only gone public as of last week and I don't have too many followers yet, but I'm always trying to expand and build the American hooligan scene.  I'm looking for guest articles to provide a season preview of your favorite club as the 2009-10 European campaign approaches.  As of now, I expect to have ones for Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Diego if you would like Real Madrid, maybe Barcelona if my Columbian friend isn't too lazy, maybe Arsenal if my Japanese friend isn't too lazy either, and I will provide a Fulham season preview.  That really isn't much, so tell your friends and have them tell their friends, and have them tell their moms, and have them tell the ladies at the weekly book club meeting, and hopefully I can gather a bit more of a following.  Thanks.



  1. I'll take Man United. Or, if there are other interested, I'll work on it with them. Either way, count me in.

  2. Sounds good.

    And I may have two or three posts for United, but it's all good. We'll put them all up.